If your business hasn’t been providing your customers eDelivery options for important documents, you’re missing out on offering a service that has benefits for both your company and your clients. There are a lot of benefits that come along with the world of eDelivery. Once you start to expand your eDelivery options, you can expect to hear from more satisfied customers.


If your company switched from paper documents to electronic documents you’re going to gradually see your company save more money. If you have time, open another tab in your browser and visit the PayItGreen website. PayItGreen is dedicated to showing both businesses and individuals the financial and environmental benefits of switching to paperless operations. Since paper used to be such an essential tool for businesses, most companies pay no mind to how much money they have to spend on paper, ink, and printers. Once you plug in some numbers you’ll be able to see how much your company could save if you cut out paper documents, and when you see the results you’re going to be surprised.


It’s obvious to see why many of your customers would prefer the eDelivery of documents instead of paper documents. eDelivered documents will be easily found on their hard drive/inbox; they won’t have to worry about misplacing those paper bills. Your customers will also be able to severely reduce the amount of paper clutter they receive.


When people talk about the benefits of eDelivery for important documents they tend to tout convenience as its biggest benefit, and rarely mention how eDelivery services benefit security. Documents that are electronically delivered are guaranteed to reach your clients securely. Many electronic documents come with encrypted data to ensure that only the right parties will be able to read the text. You won’t have to worry about your first class mail getting lost at the post office, or about competitors getting a hold of physical documents.