It’s a tough time to be a banker or credit card company in this country.  When Gallup did a poll on American opinions about the 25 biggest industries in the country, banking was the third least beloved industry in the survey.  There could be an array of reasons why Americans are dissatisfied with banks, but there are some ways you can ensure that your customers stay happy and stay loyal.

Improved banking statements, effective invoice software, and a different approach to customer satisfaction and interaction could be what you need to keep your current account holders and future clients happy with your services.  Take a look at Consumer Complaints Database the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau set up and see some of the complaints people have about some of the nation’s largest banks.    Customers are upset that banks seem to lack consistency with their documents and procedures, they’re unhappy that they aren’t learning about new and helpful services that banks offer, and all of those problems make customers think that banks aren’t being run as efficiently as they should be.

A lot of these problems could be solved by taking a different approach to how your company presents the documents you send your customers.  The American Banker recently did an article on how banks and credit card issuers should be paying more attention to their customer’s usage habits so that they can use them to better the individual customer experience.  If you kept track of how your clients use their accounts, you could use their invoices and account statements to advertise relevant services to them.  Instead of having blank white margins, put an advertisement for refinancing services on the account statement of the client who has an interest fee that could be reduced.  Or put an ad about your new and improved frequent flyer options on the monthly statement of the client who uses their credit card to travel.

Even though a personalized touch can be helpful, you can still utilize extra white space on your documents to communicate with your customers in general.  You can announce upcoming changes to company policy in margins that would usually be left blank, or you could put ads about upcoming services your customers could use.  Your customers will love having a predictable and reliable way to learn about information, and you may even start to notice your customers utilizing services they wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

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