A recent infographic published on the marketing website marketingprofs.com highlights the appealing nature of using SMS (text) messaging to interact with customers. The infographic, produced by Semaphore reveals some appealing metrics that underscore why marketers and businesses have been looking to leverage SMS for business purposes.

Semaphore sites the open rate (98% of SMS messages are read!) and response rate (45% for SMS vs 6% for email) as reasons to use SMS for business communications with customers. These statistics make SMS an excellent channel for communicating critical information (notifications, alerts, reminders), but also present SMS as a channel for engaging customers with special offers (discounts, promotions, events). As with most customer communications, it is critical that any SMS message contain relevant and personalized content when possible to avoid customer complaints (text messages can be SPAM too).

While the article doesn’t explore the many regulatory challenges that face companies that wish to use text messaging (TCPA, for one), it does present some compelling reasons to start a conversation. As a hosted provider of customer communications technology, DataOceans is familiar with the advantages and challenges of deploying an SMS strategy. We provide technology that can empower business users to expand their communications offerings to include SMS while also ensuring compliance with TCPA and other regulations.

To learn more about how DataOceans can help optimize your SMS capabilities, click here to schedule a demo. To read the full article on marketingprofs.com, click here.

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