Artificial Intelligence And Customer Communications

Find the original blog post here at Forbes. In today’s world, people rely on technology to simplify and assist with many aspects of their lives. This can range from carefully curated feeds on social media apps to your favorite digital assistant in charge of your smart home devices. The technology of modern society has advanced […]

Addressing Member Health through Data Driven Personalization


The need for healthcare organizations to leverage data, informing and educating consumers in a personalized manner continues to be critical as healthcare costs continue to rise. However, healthcare payers still lack an execution strategy and ability to properly solve this challenge. As consumers, we have certain expectations of a good experience. We expect it to […]

Challenging Times Require a Focus on Resilience

oil painting by Claude-Joseph Vernet titled The Shipwreck

“She is tossed by the waves but does not sink.” For over a thousand years, this has been the motto of the city of Paris. As we try to get back to working under more normal conditions, this motto is one sales professionals should take to heart.

For Sales, Personalization is More Essential Than Ever

business people isolated in individual boxes

As a salesperson, I wouldn’t present – or even speak – to a potential customer without knowing something about them. Retail organizations may not be making direct presentations to sell their products and services to customers, but they are making digital ones, and are under increasing pressure to personalize their offers to customers’ unique wants and needs.

The Power of the Millennials

screenshot of subreddit WallStreetBets, a favored trading thread for millennials

The retail trading platform Robinhood and subreddit WallStreetBets demonstrated that – for better or worse – a generation of Millennials is flexing its power.

Telemedicine: A Harbinger Of Healthcare Transformation?

a woman doctor speaking with an older female patient via video chat

It’s hard to believe that the website WebMD was launched nearly a quarter century ago. An early milestone on the road to digital healthcare, the site allowed consumers to bypass their medical providers and research their symptoms directly.

Trust Is The Ultimate Currency

a handshake signifying trust between two people

Whether it’s through email cadences, video or social media, today we are more connected than ever to our customers. Yet at the same time, we are experiencing a deficit of trust.