Staying Connected This Thanksgiving

family around laptop for thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving nears and marks the beginning of winter festivities, millions of Americans are wondering whether things will go back to normal. But it may not happen as soon as we think. More than half (57%) of us will still rely on celebrations through digital means to celebrate with friends and family safely, following social […]

What Is Financial Inclusion?


Financial inclusion is an important concept in the ever-evolving global economy in this day and age. We are all looking at issues like inflation, wage inequality, fair employment practices, and a rapidly changing business world that’s looking to solve these gaps, which are becoming problematic to companies as well as workers. Inclusion resides at the […]

The Dangers of Physical Mail

dangers of physical mail graphic

Many businesses have been turning back to physical mail recently out of fear of data leaks. This fear, though it comes in the wake of several such high-profile leaks over the past few years, is largely unfounded. The truth is that going digital is still safer than using physical mail in many ways. Learn about […]

To Improve Customer Experience, Improve Employee Experience

Highly engaged employee on phone.

Your front-line employees are the face of your company and a frequent point of contact between your bank or credit union and your customers. So it follows that if your employees aren’t engaged at their jobs, the customer experience will suffer for it.

Member Journey Mapping for Credit Unions

isometric illustration of member journeys mapped at a credit union

Years ago, it was easier to develop a website. A developer could build a site using straight html and assume it would be viewed using Internet Explorer. But times change. The same can be said for member journey mapping.

Customer Segmentation for Banks and Credit Unions

Market segmentation graphic.

Banks and credit unions operate in a highly competitive market. Smaller community institutions especially need to deeply understand their customers to compete with major national banks. Demographic segmentation (like age, zip code, marital status) is a good start, but doesn’t go far enough. Fortunately, banks and credit unions hold large volumes of customer data that […]

Customer Communications Can Generate Profit

Customer Communications Generate Profit Concept

Under pressure to generate revenue and increase profits, organizational leadership often chooses to cut down on cost centers in their organizations. Although they are vital to customer service and long-term growth, customer contact centers often fall victim to these kinds of cutbacks.

Customer Engagement Events for This Year and Beyond

view of a customer engagement event

In person events are starting to ramp up for the second half of this year – and there are still some excellent online-only ones as well. Here are upcoming events for customer engagement and experience.