Covid’s Long Term Impact on Gen Z Customers

young man looking at shirts in a thrift store

Even after the pandemic lifts, members of Gen Z may look back at 2020 as a watershed year that has changed their expectations for good and influenced their spending behavior for decades to come.

Succeeding With Customer Communications Management

illustration of consumers interacting with customer communications on their cellphones

Today, customers have much higher expectations of the communications they receive. Their experiences in the digital marketplace mean that they expect the companies they buy from to understand them and customize their offerings to their unique needs.

What is a Banking Customer Journey Map?

tilt shift style image of a businessman looking at a maze with the word Customer at the center, suggesting a banking customer journey map.

Happy customers are loyal customers. And when it comes to banking, customer satisfaction is vital. Simply, customers no longer have to choose between a few local bank branches.

Remembering John Hume, Credit Union Founder

President Bill Clinton with John Hume, Nobelist and credit union founder

The death of politician and civil rights leader John Lewis was a major event in the US. Another notable political figure died this week. His story is an interesting one, and it starts with a credit union.

Your New Customer: Gen Z and Your Credit Union

Gen Z customer on cell phone

The past few months have been full of social media postings of public meltdowns of store customers acting out when requested to wear a mask. It’s hard to watch, but also hard not to watch. Rather than drawing any conclusions about their behavior, one commonality worth noting is that they tend to belong to one […]

To Make It to 2022, Improve Efficiencies

roadway with the years 2021 and 2022 painted on it

A recent NY Times op ed fast forwarded a year and a half to imagine a world where COVID is finally behind us. Its conclusion: the pandemic is a defining event that will impact us for decades.