Covid Vaccines Present Challenges for Healthcare Communications

young male healthcare worker administering a vaccine like those for Covid-19 to a young, masked woman

Healthcare providers and payers have worked hard to communicate to patients, plan members and the general public about the virus. The vaccines are an opportunity to share some good news, but both providers and payers will face challenges when communicating about the vaccine rollout.

The Liminal Appeal of QR Codes

a man using his cell phone to scan a qr code on a statement to sign up for digital delivery

If you are not currently printing QR codes on your printed statements, you may be missing an opportunity to drive your customers to digital delivery, or to showcase other offerings. Even if you’ve used them in the past with little success, now may be a good time to try them again.

Covid’s Long Term Impact on Gen Z Customers

young man looking at shirts in a thrift store

Even after the pandemic lifts, members of Gen Z may look back at 2020 as a watershed year that has changed their expectations for good and influenced their spending behavior for decades to come.