How to Win at CCM Transformation

ATLANTA, GA – January 12, 2017

A November 2016 publication from Forbes, in association with Hitachi, reported the results of a survey of 573 top executives worldwide. The research, appropriately titled How to Win at Digital Transformation, highlighted several important findings concerning the prioritization of digital transformation and outlined how companies should seek to achieve this somewhat nebulous goal. One area that the Forbes team does not avoid discussing is the role of technology in digital transformation, reporting, “digital transformation is not about technology. Rather, it uses technology as a means to an end and goes beyond business.” This is especially true in the Customer Communications Management (CCM) industry, where many businesses are focusing on checking off communications channels and turning of print, rather than driving a strategy of customer engagement using technology and business process improvement.

According to Forbes research, over half of all businesses surveyed plan on investing in digitization and data and analytics capabilities over the next two years. This is critical in light of the findings that most business users outside of IT are starving for analytics capabilities in comparison to their needs for insights. Customer touchpoints are areas of improvement for many companies who are struggling with consumers that are accustomed to excellent experiences from companies like Uber and Amazon. The realm of Customer Communications Management is certainly experiencing this trend, as companies struggle to optimize their customer touchpoints across proliferating channels by investing in technology.

Unfortunately, many companies lack the core competencies internally to be leaders in their own line of business and in CCM technology and processes. Outsourcing CCM is an excellent option for these companies, as it brings a wealth of specialized knowledge to the table in an easily implementable approach that can rapidly transform a company’s CCM capabilities.

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