DataOceans Named a TAG Top 40 Innovative Technology Company

TAG logo(March 28, 2012) The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), Georgia’s leading association dedicated to the promotion and economic advancement of Georgia’s technology industry, announced DataOceans, LLC, as one of its Top 40 Innovative Technology Companies in Georgia. TAG’S Top 40 Awards recognize Georgia-based companies for their innovation, financial impact, and their efforts at spreading awareness of Georgia’s technology initiatives throughout the U.S. and globally.

“The Top 40 companies are shining examples of what makes Georgia a hotbed for innovation in technology,” said Tino Mantella, president & CEO of TAG. “Georgia is home to more than 13,000 technology companies, so we applaud the 2012 Top 40 finalists for standing out as leaders in innovation and in Georgia’s technology community. These are the types of companies that will help Georgia become recognized as one of the top states in the nation for technology.”

“This year we had a 30% increase in the number of applications over the past few years. We were very impressed by the quality and breadth of technology companies that applied,” said Dennis Zakas, a partner and founder of Zakas & Leonard, LLP, Chair of Group Office Buys, LLC, and chairperson of the Top 40 Selection Committee. “It was very difficult to choose the Top 40 because of the large number of deserving companies. We expect great things from our winners.”

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DataOceans Expands Electronic Delivery Capabilities to Include Mobile Devices

ATLANTA, GA–April 17, 2013–DataOceans, LLC, a leading provider of software solutions and services that help customers in the banking, healthcare, utility, broadband and communications industries unlock data from multiple existing systems to create and deliver newly enhanced and highly personalized full-color, interactive documents, such as bills, statements, invoices, and notices, today announced upgrades to its existing electronic delivery and interactive PDF (iPDF) capabilities.

DataOceans has expanded the iPDF to include mobile delivery solutions for phones and tablets including iPhone, Droid, and iPad devices. Each iPDF will now be dynamically sized for the appropriate device in which the iPDF is being viewed. The new updates utilize what Chien Hsiung, Chief Architect at DataOceans, describes as “form factor personalization.”
Dave Hickson, Chief Marketing Officer at DataOceans, describes the presentation of statement content as “dynamic content density,” meaning the level of detail in each iPDF is tailored for the appropriate device. When the iPDF is viewed from a full size computer or laptop, the “content density” is at its default maximum. When the iPDF is viewed from a tablet device the content density will be set to medium, and when the iPDF is viewed from a mobile phone the content density is set to light.

The default call to action on a DataOceans iPDF is “click here to…” but on iPDFs for mobile devices, the call to action is “tap to…” for interactions such as payment, contact customer service, view prior statements, and more. This will allow client’s customers to view iPDFs on mobile devices (phones and tablets) and have the ability to “tap for detailed information” or “tap for a detailed statement.” The recipient will then receive the appropriately sized iPDF and content density for their viewing device, and the iPDF will also facilitate a drill down for detail or retrieval of the full iPDF if the need arises.

About DataOceans

DataOceans offers products and services that help companies across many industries improve the look and feel of existing print and electronic customer-facing documents. The company’s print, portal, email and mobile delivery options offer multiple, or omni-channel, modalities resulting in significant cost savings, improved customer self-help and a delightful overall customer service experience.

In addition, DataOceans provides data transformation services that allow businesses to create data-driven, eDelivered interactive documents containing highly-targeted, personalized communications and marketing messages that can increase their revenue and decrease calls to their customer call centers. The solutions can be bundled with a variety of payment offerings which include straight through processing, ACH, credit card, and mobile payments. These powerful solutions can be implemented by Data Ocean’s clients in 90 days, without significant involvement of our client’s IT resources.

Visit for more information about the company and its products.

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Customer Experience Management Through Documents

Customer experience management is as important as employee management is. If you think about it, the experience your customers have with your business will influence a lot of different factors. Customers who have good experiences are more likely to do repeat business with your company, and to also refer you to their friends and co-workers.Customers favor simplicity and consistency when choosing companies with which to do business. They like to know what to expect and they don’t want to deal with anything that’s too complicated. Businesses and companies seem to frequently run into trouble with the documents they give their customers. Whether they’re billing statements, advertisements, or other important documents, the problems often fall into the same category. Companies either they don’t give their customers enough options to receive their documents, or they don’t properly utilize all of the space available on the documents.

In a world where smart phones and tablet computers reign, not providing your customers with electronic, portal, and mobile options to view documents is bad for business. Businesses and companies that don’t take advantage of these tools when they send out their documents are making a big mistake. Every document companies send should be consistent, prominently display their logo, and should also utilize extra space for advertisements. The extra white space on documents could be an advertising gold mine. It’s an excellent place for companies to tell clients about new offerings, upcoming sales, and other important company news.

If you want to learn more about the characteristics of a good document, visit our website so you can learn about how we can help you improve your customer’s experience, and your business.

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Three Major Benefits of eDelivery

If your business hasn’t been providing your customers eDelivery options for important documents, you’re missing out on offering a service that has benefits for both your company and your clients. There are a lot of benefits that come along with the world of eDelivery. Once you start to expand your eDelivery options, you can expect to hear from more satisfied customers.


What are the three major benefits of eDelivery?


If your company switched from paper documents to electronic documents you’re going to gradually see your company save more money. If you have time, open another tab in your browser and visit the PayItGreen website. PayItGreen is dedicated to showing both businesses and individuals the financial and environmental benefits of switching to paperless operations. Since paper used to be such an essential tool for businesses, most companies pay no mind to how much money they have to spend on paper, ink, and printers. Once you plug in some numbers you’ll be able to see how much your company could save if you cut out paper documents, and when you see the results you’re going to be surprised.


It’s obvious to see why many of your customers would prefer the eDelivery of documents instead of paper documents. eDelivered documents will be easily found on their hard drive/inbox; they won’t have to worry about misplacing those paper bills. Your customers will also be able to severely reduce the amount of paper clutter they receive.


When people talk about the benefits of eDelivery for important documents they tend to tout convenience as its biggest benefit, and rarely mention how eDelivery services benefit security. Documents that are electronically delivered are guaranteed to reach your clients securely. Many electronic documents come with encrypted data to ensure that only the right parties will be able to read the text. You won’t have to worry about your first class mail getting lost at the post office, or about competitors getting a hold of physical documents.

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