Trust Is The Ultimate Currency

a handshake signifying trust between two people

Whether it’s through email cadences, video or social media, today we are more connected than ever to our customers. Yet at the same time, we are experiencing a deficit of trust.

What is a Banking Customer Journey Map?

tilt shift style image of a businessman looking at a maze with the word Customer at the center, suggesting a banking customer journey map.

Happy customers are loyal customers. And when it comes to banking, customer satisfaction is vital. Simply, customers no longer have to choose between a few local bank branches.

SMS for Business

young Black woman sitting on sofa checking an SMS message on her cell phone

SMS is the most used data service in the world. Around 4.2 billion people use mobile phones to text, and over 8 trillion text messages are sent annually.

Banks Embrace Personalized Marketing

young woman on a cell phone giving feedback on customer experience

If you’ve logged into your Netflix account and seen movie or television show recommendations based on your previously watched titles, you’re experiencing personalization at work.

To Make It to 2022, Improve Efficiencies

roadway with the years 2021 and 2022 painted on it

A recent NY Times op ed fast forwarded a year and a half to imagine a world where COVID is finally behind us. Its conclusion: the pandemic is a defining event that will impact us for decades.

Why is Print Surviving?

older woman customer reading a printed statement

Last year customers of the UK bank NatWest were upset after receiving notification that the bank would no longer send paper statements.

The Digital Revolution in CCM

Digital Engagement

ATLANTA, GA – September 5, 2017 In a September 1st article in Document Magazine titled “The Digital Revolution in CCM: Are We There Yet?” author Allison Lloyd asks the question “how far have we really come in transforming our communications” with respect to organizations achieving engagement with their digital communications? Disappointingly, the answer is not […]

Marketing Personalization Fails to Meet Expectations

Marketing Personalization Ratings

ATLANTA, GA – May 16, 2017 Marketing personalization is a key focus area for many organizations who are looking for faster results and better returns out of their marketing budgets. To that end, a article recently posed a question to gauge the successful implementation of marketing personalization efforts: “Are marketers pleased with how they […]

Likely Increase in Usage of Two Factor Authentication

Social Security

ATLANTA, GA – March 13, 2017 Increased sophistication and pervasiveness of hacking has resulted in many high-profile breaches of security over the last few years, compromising personal information of everyone from email account holders, to federal employees. While many organizations have responded with increased vigilance and more stringent password requirements, the combined threats of brute […]