The Evolution of Targeted Messaging

The advertising industry has undergone a major shift.  Google, Amazon, Facebook and a myriad of other online technology companies are capitalizing on this shift and are only just beginning.  Big data and business intelligence are at the heart of the shift.  There is a collision taking place between technology, advertising, loyalty programs, and promotional offers.  The opportunity exists to configure business intelligence platforms with rules and logic that can be programmatically triggered by data to create targeted messaging that can be sent to businesses and consumers.  These messages can be embedded in statements sent to smart phones, iPads, websites, electronic paper statements, IVRU’s and social media sites, allowing for consistent highly personalized advertisements and offers.

Traditionally advertising budgets have been spent with TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, bill board and other mass media solutions. Targeting audiences and measuring the results of the media campaigns are difficult.  With the internet, advertisers are able to segment their audiences providing more targeted messaging in the process.  Over time more and more people will move to digital and electronic customer experiences.  The more the population moves in this direction, the more the technology will evolve.

Is your company providing the right electronic platform to deliver enhanced, personalized experiences for your customers?

Conducting multiple marketing campaigns at the same time and measuring the effectiveness and the conversion rates of the advertising will eventually drive a greater portion of the advertising budget to the digital platforms.  Because the electronic medium is more effective at targeting the correct demographic with the most effective messaging, advertisers should see a significant improvement in their yield and subsequently their advertising spend.  We believe many advertisers will see the opportunity to increase this effectiveness even further by promoting loyalty programs and special offers. These will be incentives for existing customers and prospects to increase their loyalty and their spend because advertisers will be creating value rather than extracting value from them.

Most companies have significant marketing and advertising budgets – The more effective the advertising spend, the lower the overall product cost – lower costs allow companies to create incentives that will drive more sales volume and ultimately that should translate to increased profitability.

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Why are customers reluctant to switch to statement eDelivery?

Fifteen years ago, researchers predicted that eDelivered documents would obsolete paper statements and revolutionize customer communications…It did not happen. Why? The simple reason is that the industry has not created value for the consumer or recipient of eDelivered statements to drive this shift. Traditional barriers to electronic adoption still exist. “Why should I use my printer and ink to print out a statement so I can save it? If I save the statement online will I be able to find it if I need it in 5 years? Will it be online? I pay my bills right before they are due, and I use the paper statement to remind me.” There are a myriad of reasons why Americans love their paper statements, and for the masses, there has not been a lot of reasons to compel them to switch to eDelivered statements.Consumers will switch to an electronic invoicing and electronic payment experience when companies begin to look at that communication from the consumer’s point of view. At a minimum, companies will need an easy-to-use, improved customer experience when it comes to monthly statements. They will have to put control of the statement in the hands of the consumer, and they will have to create value for the consumer that does not exist in their current communication.

Interactive customer statements will create an improved customer experience that will provide self-help capabilities that will save the consumer time. Personalized interactive statements will anticipate the kinds of customer interactions that can occur and address those needs instead of relying on the customers to figure things out for themselves. Relevant messaging on those personalized statements will begin to delight the consumer and create the engagement that companies are looking for.

The ability to provide a consolidated, personalized, interactive statement with relevant messaging and intelligent advertising is available today. These statements are also able to solicit and manage customer preference and can be viewed on multiple electronic devices. It is less expensive than sending a traditional statement in the mail. The issue is getting companies to understand and embrace the technology. The tipping point will be driven by leading companies who take the extra effort to create value for the consumer instead of extract value in the digital experience. Once that happens, consumers will adopt.

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Getting that Invoice Just Right

Starting a new business, or keeping a present one running smoothly, is never easy. Yet, it can be one of the most rewarding endeavors into which anyone can get involved, both monetarily and personally. Most people know the basic things that go behind starting up a business from scratch: staking out a location, writing up a business plan, applying for a loan, and so on. Even though the list of requirements might seem small, any one step could possibly take months. Dedicated research, fact checking, and ceaseless devotion are required to get past the initial idea stage, especially when trying to solicit money from a bank. Once you get past that point, however, there’s a completely different list of things to focus on.

Advertising is often referred to as the “lifeblood” of any business. For any company to stay aloft, it has to make money; that much is obvious. The most effective way to lure in customers is to ensure that they know about your business. One of the major questions, however, is figuring out the best way to do this. While many people would suggest sticking to the basics of traditional media, the best option is actually to move into the digital realm! For example, consider custom invoices. If you wanted to print a customer an offer, the procedure can be streamlined by having custom invoice software that allow companies to print offers right on customer statements.

Ensuring that your customers have easy access to what they want, especially information, is an integral point in business. The right software will allow you to personalize messages to each and every customer, which will influence them to buy more quickly and more frequently. You can also be in complete control of the layout of the document to fit your business needs. Rather than using traditional media, this technology will give you the competitive edge you desire.

Have you ever used an improved invoice software? If so, how has it made your business life easier?

The USPS Gives Businesses yet another Reason to Switch to eDelivery

The United States Postal Service recently announced its plans to end door-to-door mail deliveries. These changes come as a shock to many Americans who have enjoyed and expected free mail delivery to their homes and businesses for decades. However, without some kind of adaptation to the 21st century American way of life, the postal service will not survive. The new changes are still in the approval process, and if approved, the changes will be implemented for new housing developments as well as existing homes. Ending door-to-door delivery will save the USPS approximately $4.5 billion annually. These changes present a significant opportunity for companies to improve their mailing processes and ultimately improve customer experience.

So, how will customers get our print mail?

The USPS is moving towards “cluster boxes,” which are communal mailboxes placed in neighborhoods and communities.  Many people have expressed concerns about this new process:

  1. What if there is bad weather and I have to go pick up my mail?
  2. What if I live in an unsafe neighborhood and don’t feel comfortable walking to a shared mailbox?
  3. Will the community mailboxes be secure?
  4. Who is responsible for maintenance of the cluster boxes?
  5. Will the new behavior be disruptive to the elderly and disabled?

There is a solution! The majority of paper mail today can be sent electronically.  As one CNN news report stated, “The Postal Service continues to struggle with mail volume, especially drops in first-class mail, its big revenue driver, as more Americans move to electronic billing and e-mailing.” Electronic billing and emailing can be received and managed in the comfort of customers’ homes. Moving toward eDelivery will cut costs for your business and significantly improve customer experience, especially now with the changes occurring in the current mailing system.

It’s Time to Upgrade to eDelivery!

One of the greatest highlights of working in the technological age is the streamlined methods of communication and business exchange. This experience is made even better when improvements are being made frequently – almost overnight – to bring the world even closer together. For better or worse, these changes are often very different than what we are used to, and can seem unnecessary or superfluous. The truth is that taking the time to adapt to a new method or style could lead to improvements in areas you wouldn’t have expected. Instead of turning away from what could be the next big thing to help your company, take a chance and reap the benefits!

The best example of this situation is the general fear and distrust of eDelivery. Many companies are reluctant to switch to this improved method of document management, and their concern is understandable. Most people have used a system where they can store and review their documents the old fashioned way, so anything different seems strange or unreliable. Over the past few years, however, many industries have worked to ensure eDelivery is perfectly safe and trustworthy. Various features, including the option to have your documents delivered directly to your e-mail, have been created to make eDelivery the safest possible option for your work.

If you’re unsure if eDelivery is for you, ask yourself one simple question: Do you want your document exchange procedures to be convenient for everyone involved? If so, you should sincerely consider making the change. A new and improved system will improve customer satisfaction and streamline your operations. Have you ever seen an eDelivery system in use?

Does your company use eDelivery? If so, how does it improve your job from day to day?

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Three Major Benefits of eDelivery

If your business hasn’t been providing your customers eDelivery options for important documents, you’re missing out on offering a service that has benefits for both your company and your clients. There are a lot of benefits that come along with the world of eDelivery. Once you start to expand your eDelivery options, you can expect to hear from more satisfied customers.


If your company switched from paper documents to electronic documents you’re going to gradually see your company save more money. If you have time, open another tab in your browser and visit the PayItGreen website. PayItGreen is dedicated to showing both businesses and individuals the financial and environmental benefits of switching to paperless operations. Since paper used to be such an essential tool for businesses, most companies pay no mind to how much money they have to spend on paper, ink, and printers. Once you plug in some numbers you’ll be able to see how much your company could save if you cut out paper documents, and when you see the results you’re going to be surprised.


It’s obvious to see why many of your customers would prefer the eDelivery of documents instead of paper documents. eDelivered documents will be easily found on their hard drive/inbox; they won’t have to worry about misplacing those paper bills. Your customers will also be able to severely reduce the amount of paper clutter they receive.


When people talk about the benefits of eDelivery for important documents they tend to tout convenience as its biggest benefit, and rarely mention how eDelivery services benefit security. Documents that are electronically delivered are guaranteed to reach your clients securely. Many electronic documents come with encrypted data to ensure that only the right parties will be able to read the text. You won’t have to worry about your first class mail getting lost at the post office, or about competitors getting a hold of physical documents.