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Meet Athena Member Marietta Colston-Davis

MAY 24, 2021
DataOceans advisory board member Marietta Colston-Davis shares insights from her personal journey as the only woman of color in the boardroom in this interview with Athena Alliance, a community of women in leadership.

Healthcare Leader Mark Williams Joins DataOceans' Advisory Board

DECEMBER 1, 2020
Leading customer communications management (CCM) platform DataOceans today announced that Mark Williams has joined its Advisory Board. A healthcare leader with over three decades of experience, Williams’ roles have included delivering direct patient care, leading the strategy and execution of complex business issues, and passionately serving the nation’s largest health care companies.

Healthcare Executive Joseph Smith Joins the DataOceans Advisory Board

NOVEMBER 23, 2020
Customer communications management (CCM) platform DataOceans today announced that Joseph Smith, formerly of Blue Cross Blue Shield, has joined its Advisory Board. Mr. Smith had held leadership positions in the healthcare insurance industry, including Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) organizations in the Midwest, Northeast and Southwest.

PossibleNOW Founder and CEO Scott Frey Joins DataOceans Advisory Board

NOVEMBER 3, 2020
DataOceans LLC, a leading customer communications management (CCM) platform, today announced that Scott Frey has joined its Advisory Board. Mr. Frey is the founder and CEO of PossibleNOW, a leading provider of customer insights, enterprise consent and preference management solutions, and direct marketing compliance.

Former American Express Vice President / General Manager David Blaha Joins DataOceans Advisory Board

OCTOBER 8, 2020
DataOceans LLC today announced that David Blaha has joined its Advisory Board. Mr. Blaha will assist in guiding management and company strategy to ensure full support and execution of DataOceans’ growth plans.