Bring value to your customerCUSTOMER EXPERIENCE

At DataOceans, Customer Experience is defined by how well a communication conveys the desired information to the customer and how the customer perceives their interaction with a communication. For example, does a communication provide value to the customer, or is it just perceived as junk mail or SPAM? DataOceans leverages CCM best practices to partner with clients in their quest to optimize the customer experience across their communications. DataOceans evaluates the maturity of its clients’ communications across many variables to determine how to help clients improve their processes and outputs.

Are documents clean, concise, consolidated, legible, and visually appealing or are they noisy, monochromatic and confusing?

Can customers receive documents in formats such as print, electronic, portal, and mobile?

Can customers easily change preferences from time to time?

Are messages or advertisements valuable, personalized, and relevant to the individual or are they broadcast and uniform?

Are communications timely and accurate?

Is it easy for customers to respond and/or interact with the company when a communication is received?

Customer Expectations are Evolving

People are increasingly appreciative of simplicity in their interactions, and they expect the companies they engage with to exploit technology to accomplish this. Customers are less willing to be inconvenienced and expect new and powerful innovations, or they will move their business in order to take advantage of an improved experience.

The DataOceans Difference

DataOceans believes that the Oceanus platform empowers its clients to respond to this shift in customer expectations by rendering what has historically been a disjointed, complex process into a simple, business-owned process.  We have engineered our solutions anticipating how it will positively impact customer experience, enabling our clients to create unique and powerful communications that give them a competitive advantage.