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Most companies today are required to go through many steps and discussions to get a “document enhancement” effort implemented. Occasionally, the end-product does not meet or match the original intent and purpose that the business team had outlined in the requirements.  There may be technical challenges and/or communication struggles between the business side describing their requirements and the IT side not fully understanding the business needs.

The problem is further exacerbated by highly restrictive tool sets in a problematic technical environment that requires specialized skills and often specific knowledge to make document/output enhancements.

Finally, economic and budget constraints have further restricted access to highly sought-after IT resources.


The Oceanus platform is designed to remove IT from day to day business operations and enable business users to perform enterprise level:

→  Document Composition and Layout Management

→  Targeted Content Management

→  Demographic Personalization

→  Hyper-Segmentation and Micro-Targeting