ROI through Cost Reduction and Revenue Enhancement

As companies deal with external pressures forcing them to become more efficient with their IT spend, DataOceans is helping its customers turn cost centers into profit centers. DataOceans Oceanus helps companies achieve a strong return on their investment by reducing hard dollar costs and increasing capacity for existing staff.

By leveraging DataOceans Oceanus platform, our clients are experiencing rapid returns by:

 Transitioning customers from paper delivery to electronic delivery (including postage takeout)

 Eliminating the use of paper inserts

 Increased cross-selling and up-selling efficiencies

 Improved return on Marketing spend through the use of targeted marketing

 Sun-setting legacy/ duplicative systems

Return on Investment with the DataOceans Oceanus platform is driven by hard savings that are rapidly realized as DataOceans clients continue to work with us to drive strategic objectives. Due to our unique approach to pricing, our customers are able to drive rapid savings with a low CAPEX investment, often achieving positive returns within 12-18 months. Because of this success, DataOceans clients continue to partner with it and leverage the Oceanus platform to drive increased returns.