The Importance of Embedded Payments on Consumer Platforms

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ATLANTA, GA – February 13, 2017 A 2016 article by Kurt Bilafer, global vice president sales & success for WePay, highlights many trends in business, primarily focusing on the concept that growing trends (social networks, sharing apps, or SaaS, among others) are relying on “scalable online platform(s) connecting people and ecosystems” to solve a business […]

How to Win at CCM Transformation

ATLANTA, GA – January 12, 2017 A November 2016 publication from Forbes, in association with Hitachi, reported the results of a survey of 573 top executives worldwide. The research, appropriately titled How to Win at Digital Transformation, highlighted several important findings concerning the prioritization of digital transformation and outlined how companies should seek to achieve […]

DataOceans Adds Real-Time Analytics with Izenda Business Intelligence

ATLANTA, GA – July 5, 2016 DataOceans announces that it has chosen to integrate self-service business intelligence and analytics capabilities from Izenda into its Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform and services. Izenda’s solution will seamlessly integrate with DataOceans CCM workflow, empowering non-technical users to analyze data in real-time to improve the customer communication experience. While other managed service providers in the […]

Ads Evolve Into New Forms as Media Landscape Shifts

The media landscape is changing as consumer preference for viewing television content shifts from the TV to a viewing experience that involves laptops, tablets, phones and TVs. As consumer preference is shifting, so too is ad spending. In a May 8th article, The New York Times’ Sydney Ember reported that, according to the Interpublic Group’s Magna Global, […]

DataOceans, LLC Expands CCM Services with National DME Provider

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ATLANTA, GA – April 27, 2016 DataOceans, LLC announces expanded CCM (Customer Communications Management) services with a national DME (Durable Medical Equipment) provider client including enhanced Patient Demographic Data Management, improved Payment Processing features, and dynamic multi-modal HTML5 Customer Experience presentation. In addition to these enhancements, DataOceans is also deploying Enhanced Patient/Customer Messaging and new, more […]

DataOceans featured in Madison Advisors CCM Hosted Managed Service Study

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Madison Advisors has released an update to its 2013 study on Customer Communications Management (CCM) cloud providers. In it, Madison Advisors examines the benefits of leveraging a Hosted Managed Service (HMS) offering to streamline customer communications operations and achieve the ROI and strategic outcomes that companies seek. The study profiles DataOceans as one of three […]

The Road Ahead

Retail Banking at an Inflection Point The banking industry has undergone more change in the past five years than in the past three decades. New competitors and operating models. Increased regulatory burden. And perhaps most importantly, changing consumer expectations and channel behavior. The cross-currents are significant: where to win, what strategies to use, and how […]

DataOceans, LLC Completes Channel Reseller Agreement with ACI Worldwide

ATLANTA, GA – July 30th, 2015 DataOceans is pleased to announce that after a period of due diligence, it has formalized its relationship with ACI Worldwide. This agreement establishes ACI as the preferred payment processing partner for DataOceans. In addition to the existing client relationships, ACI and DataOceans are jointly pursuing engagements with financial, municipal, […]

DataOceans, LLC and Presidium Solutions Announce Presidium Solutions Phase II Kickoff with Top 15 US Bank

ATLANTA, GA – On June 29, 2015, DataOceans, LLC and Presidium Solutions announce the commencement of Phase II of the implementation of the co-developed commercial real estate management software solution.  Phase II enhancement and features include enhancements to the Revolving Line of Credit module to include Grand Parent, Parent, and Child projects; pre-closing information enhancements […]