DataOceans Partners Listed in NASDAQ FINTECH INDEX


ATLANTA, GA – April 14, 2017 As reported in a July 18, 2016 press release on Business Wire, several DataOceans payment processors and clients have been included in a recently formed Nasdaq index fund. The new fund, ticker symbol KFTX, includes 49 fintech companies with a combined market cap of over $785 Billion. The listed […]

The Importance of Embedded Payments on Consumer Platforms

a roll of US dollars

ATLANTA, GA – February 13, 2017 A 2016 article by Kurt Bilafer, global vice president sales & success for WePay, highlights many trends in business, primarily focusing on the concept that growing trends (social networks, sharing apps, or SaaS, among others) are relying on “scalable online platform(s) connecting people and ecosystems” to solve a business […]