What is a Banking Customer Journey Map?

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Happy customers are loyal customers. And when it comes to banking, customer satisfaction is vital. Simply, customers no longer have to choose between a few local bank branches.

Banks Embrace Personalized Marketing

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If you’ve logged into your Netflix account and seen movie or television show recommendations based on your previously watched titles, you’re experiencing personalization at work.

DataOceans Is a 2017-18 Customer Experience HOT COMPANY

Customer Experience Hot Companies

DataOceans is pleased to announce that it is listed as a 2017-18 HOT COMPANY in the Summer edition of DOCUMENT Magazine. As a HOT COMPANY, DataOceans is being recognized for its excellence in Customer Experience and focus on improving the CCM capabilities of organizations of all sizes and across industries. In addition to being listed as […]

DataOceans at Document Strategy Forum 2017

DataOceans company news

ATLANTA, GA – April 28, 2017 DataOceans is excited to be the Business Empowerment sponsor at Document Strategy Forum 2017. We invite you to visit us at our booth (205), where we will be giving away an Amazon Echo! Click here to pre-register for the contest, or stop by our booth during the conference to […]

The Importance of Embedded Payments on Consumer Platforms

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ATLANTA, GA – February 13, 2017 A 2016 article by Kurt Bilafer, global vice president sales & success for WePay, highlights many trends in business, primarily focusing on the concept that growing trends (social networks, sharing apps, or SaaS, among others) are relying on “scalable online platform(s) connecting people and ecosystems” to solve a business […]

How to Win at CCM Transformation

ATLANTA, GA – January 12, 2017 A November 2016 publication from Forbes, in association with Hitachi, reported the results of a survey of 573 top executives worldwide. The research, appropriately titled How to Win at Digital Transformation, highlighted several important findings concerning the prioritization of digital transformation and outlined how companies should seek to achieve […]

How CCM Can Bring Personalization to Telcom

A recent Deloitte article published in the Wall Street Journal (accessible here) gives a great overview of the customer retention problem that many telecom companies are facing today. The challenge centers on how telecom companies attempt to personalize communications and identify which customers should be retained and which customers should be let go. The authors […]

Anticipating Customer Expectations For Online Payments

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For years, pundits and prognosticators have predicted the end of times for checks and cash in consumer transactions. However, the reality has been that checks and cash, while declining in use, are still hanging on at the register with checks even in use for some online transactions. Recently, the restaurant industry has started to lead […]

DataOceans Adds Real-Time Analytics with Izenda Business Intelligence

ATLANTA, GA – July 5, 2016 DataOceans announces that it has chosen to integrate self-service business intelligence and analytics capabilities from Izenda into its Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform and services. Izenda’s solution will seamlessly integrate with DataOceans CCM workflow, empowering non-technical users to analyze data in real-time to improve the customer communication experience. While other managed service providers in the […]

DataOceans, LLC Announces Relationship with Leading Print Service Provider

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ATLANTA, GA – June 6, 2016 DataOceans is pleased to announce that, after a period of due diligence, it has closed a deal to provide Customer Communications Management services for a large Print Service Provider (PSP). DataOceans will be enabling a best-in-class customer experience through the implementation of its OceanusTM platform. As a part of […]