Why is Print Surviving?

older woman customer reading a printed statement

Last year customers of the UK bank NatWest were upset after receiving notification that the bank would no longer send paper statements.

DataOceans Announces Partnership with Digital Marketing Agency

DataOceans company news

DataOceans is pleased to announce that after a period of due diligence, it has formalized its relationship with a large direct and digital marketing agency, that also has a large print and mail service offering.  The focus of the relationship will be sales and technical training, onboarding legacy customers to a more modern experience and […]

The Perfect Storm to Outsource Print

Optimizing Print Relationships

ATLANTA, GA – October 11, 2017 As a CCM hosted managed service provider, DataOceans works with its clients to optimize their CCM workflow, including outsourced or in-house print environments. When considering whether to outsource print from an in-plant facility, there are many factors that may tip the scales in one direction or the other. It […]

DataOceans, LLC Announces Relationship with Leading Print Service Provider

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ATLANTA, GA – June 6, 2016 DataOceans is pleased to announce that, after a period of due diligence, it has closed a deal to provide Customer Communications Management services for a large Print Service Provider (PSP). DataOceans will be enabling a best-in-class customer experience through the implementation of its OceanusTM platform. As a part of […]

Opportunities Exist for Traditional Print Service Providers

cover of Mailing Systems Technology magazine

ATLANTA, GA – On September 10th, 2015, Mailing Systems Technology released its September-October, Graph Expo issue. This issue features a number of articles that are relevant to our space, including an article by Madison Advisors’ Randy Beals and Gina Ferrara. The article discusses current trends in Customer Communications Management (CCM) and how Print Service Providers can […]